60 concrete mixing station Product Features and Benefits Host Performance Host uses JS series mixing console, stirring ability, stir quickly, high productivity, for dry hard, plastic and various proportions of concrete, can be able to achieve a good mixing effect. Advanced stirring camc 8×4 concrete mixer truck rhd mechanism, high wear resistance of the stirring blades and liner, to angle the unique design of stirring, stirring to make the overall effect is good, fast, life can reach more than 50,000 cans. Control System A variety of management and monitoring operation of the system is done by an IPC. Control system uses a high-performance IPC, all the key parts and components are imported original parts, reliable performance, functional, rational layout, easy to operate, easy to learn and maintain. With automatic, semi-automatic, manual control mode, easy to use in a variety of occasions. Measurement accuracy Selection aggregate measurement scales of measurement. Time is short, the absolute value of error is small, high accuracy, high reliability, good safety performance. On admixture metering treatment, considering good prices concrete mixer truck the importance of the admixture in terms of quality engineering, the use of advanced liquid admixture stirrer, easy to avoid precipitation influence the quality of the concrete. Feeding System Wide belt 1000mm, can effectively ensure the stable delivery of materials; deviation alarm and rope type emergency stop switch, run more secure; trough forward roller, self-aligning, prevent deviation; falling weight bridle, no frequent adjustment; sky blue color steel anti-canopy, nice. Intuitive monitoring interface, clear, accurate simulation site workflow; production data management, to create the database, at any time, Statistics data; Framework Industrial design throughout the product design process, the design will combine engineering and aesthetics, making the whole shape of beautiful, generous, reasonable structure and layout, more comfortable, more convenient maintenance. The main structure and support the use of large national standard channel and H-beam, beautiful, durable; spacious platform, walking repair large space. Environmental models Stirring body fully enclosed structure, cheap mini concrete mixer trucks the aggregate conveying system and dust removal system, effectively reduce the dust and noise pollution caused to the environment. Character design This site can be used 80t, 100t, 200t, cement silo, cement and fly ash from the screw conveyor transport, screw conveyor specifications Φ273, Φ219 for users to choose. Personalized design according to customers specific conditions and requirements (eg size of the venue, the volume of production, environmental requirements, structural appearance, etc.), personalized design;